Privacy Policy
The privacy policy of personal information (hereinafter referred to as the "Policy") applies to all information that Futurepayments Ltd and / or its affiliates, including all persons belonging to the same group as Futurepayments Ltd, may receive about the User during their use any of the sites, services, programs, products Futurepayments Ltd and during the execution of Futurepayments Ltd any agreements and contracts with the User.

1. Terms and concepts
1.1. The concept of personal information refers to data that can be used to identify a specific person of the company. Under the concept of information about the company refers to data that can be used to identify the competitive advantages of the company, its policies, etc.
1.2. We provide each of our clients with a form for collecting personal information about those individuals who participate in our joint projects, their approval, as well as the leaders of the customer's company.
1.3. In some cases, within the framework of the project, we may request information about the company, which is "closed type" information (more often understood as information under the heading "trade secret"). All the information you provide is used exclusively within the framework of business cooperation, and is not disclosed to "third parties".

2. Collection of personal information / company information

2.1. Always before starting work on a project, we ask you to send company details.
2.2. At the moment when you become our client, we first of all make a request for the provision of contact information: names, surnames, positions, phone numbers, email addresses of those employees who will participate in our cooperation. This is necessary to establish a full and sustainable contact, in order to maximize the quality of our work on time.
2.3. Some projects require us to fully understand the real situation in the client's company, in this regard, we make a request for the provision of the necessary information about the company: information on the company's income, marketing research data, information on goods, services, brands, and company trademarks. Of course, we look forward to receiving reliable information that will reflect the real situation in the client's company.

3. Use of personal information / company information

3.1. The personal information we collect allows you to directly contact a specific person who makes decisions on specific issues of cooperation. Also, the availability of personal information with us accelerates the resolution of emerging issues or problems during the work on the project, which allows us to meet the deadlines.
3.2. We also use personal information in order to inform about new offers, or changing trends in the market of goods, services. Timely information allows you to keep the company from falling market positions.
3.3. Information about the client's company is also constantly monitored and is used to evaluate the markets for goods and services. For maintaining internal statistics, forecasts, reports. Having information about the client's company, we can also monitor market trends and report on new opportunities using personal information about employees.

4. Collection and use of information that is not personal / unique
4.1. We also collect information that cannot be considered personal or unique - data that does not allow you to directly track a specific person, or unique features of the company. We may use such information for any purpose.
4.2. We can collect information about the scope of the company, legal address, company name, location and country of location. We can use this information to design our portfolio, post on the website of our agency.
4.3. If information that cannot be called personal is combined with personal information, then such aggregate information will be further considered as personal information. In this case, it will be used according to the rules for using personal information.

5. Respect for confidentiality at the company level
5.1. Protection of personal information.
In order to ensure the security of your personal information, and information about the company, we comply with confidentiality standards, and constantly bring these standards to employees. And we strictly monitor the implementation of these privacy rules within the company.

6. Disclosure of information to third parties
6.1. Futurepayments Ltd, in accordance with the law, the court order, in court proceedings, or requests from government bodies and not in the territory of the client's host country may disclose personal information, or information about the client's company, if it is determined that such disclosure is necessary and appropriate for the purposes of state security, maintaining the rule of law. And other cases that violate the moral and ethical
6.2. We can also disclose personal information, or information about the company, if it is determined that such disclosure is necessary to ensure the protection of the interests of our company employees and the safety of our customers.

7. The procedure for transferring personal data to third parties
7.1. Privacy policy prohibits disclosure and
transfer of personal data to third parties without the consent of their carrier, unless otherwise provided.
7.2. Data may be disclosed in cases provided by applicable law:
7.2.1. Receive a formal request from law enforcement agencies;
7.2.2. Enforcement of the judgment;
7.2.3. Prevention of fraud;

8. Your acceptance of these terms
8.1. By using the site, as well as other sites owned by Futurepayments Ltd, you agree to this privacy policy. If you do not agree with this policy, please do not use it. Your continued use of the site after making changes to this policy will be considered as your acceptance of these changes.

9. Disclaimer

9.1. The privacy policy does not apply and does not apply to third party websites that may contain a reference to our site and from which links to the site may be made, as well as links from this site to other Internet sites, with the exception of sites owned by Futurepayments Ltd. " We are not responsible for the actions of other websites.

10. Change in privacy policy. Applicable law
10.1. Futurepayments Ltd has the right to amend this Privacy Policy. When making changes in the current edition, the date of the last update is indicated. The new version of the Policy comes into force from the moment it is posted, unless otherwise provided by the new version of the Policy.
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